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thank you for 600 watchers! i've been too busy these days to find my own icon fodder so i'm opening up a spam/request post! slots unlimited, so no need to reserve-- just post a bunch of images and i may icon them. as is typical with spam posts though, there are no guarantees, so post as many as you'd like.

as a bonus, the first watcher to correctly name the classy gentleman in the banner (♥♥♥) gets one manga coloring.

happy 2011! oh shit it's the year i graduate
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what son?!? i dont understand but thank you anyway you ridiculous/fantastic people ♥

opening coloring requests wohhhh
i need to improve and i feel lame doing another normal request post aha

・five slots
・MAX two requests per person one is also good..
・good quality and minimum screentone I BEG YOU
・color refs!